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Haven Club is a place where Indie Haven staffers, fans, and well-wishers can come together to express their love of classic indie games. This new monthly feature will allow community members to experience games they might have missed (or need an excuse to revisit) alongside our editors and contributors through weekly progress updates via posts on the site.

Beginning in August, a post will appear on the front page near the first of the month introducing the featured game. We’ll even throw in some handy information – links, trailers, how to buy the game, etcetera – and some quick impressions from each participating staffer. While we take a week off to play, you can share thoughts about your own playthrough on social media with #HavenClub or in the comments section of the introductory article.


At the one week mark we’ll check in with an update on our thoughts and progress from our time with the game. Each update will feature the best reader comments of the week, giving everyone a chance to participate together. Anything is fair game: screenshots, gameplay clips, even overwrought ramblings. At the end of the month, we’ll close out with a late-game spoiler session and choose a community member to participate alongside the staff in selecting a game for the next month.

We at Indie Haven are excited at the prospect of bonding with our fans through our shared passion for independent games and the culture surrounding them. I hope many of you will choose to participate; I have a lot of ideas for future community events that depend on your interest!

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Community Manager/Editor

Daniel has spent the vast majority of his life immersed deeply in the worlds within games and the culture surrounding them. He hosts The Dead Pixels Podcast, a show celebrating less-than-classic retro games. His tendency toward positivity is tempered by a wealth of knowledge and experience with the medium's history.

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  • I’m worried you guys don’t get enough comments. I’d like to comment more but games feel like every passing day they are becoming more and more random and bizarre so that if you try to cover them all only on a shallow level it’s like reading a magazine where you just thumb past every page never once really finding an article that looks worth sinking your teeth into.

    It’s hard to keep reading that magazine.