At Indie Haven, we’re always on the look for fantastic games to experience and talk about. This involves coming across a lot of soon-to-be releases that we can keep our eyes on in anticipation for their availability. Here’s a handful of them that we’re particularly intrigued by.


06/02/2017 – Red Haze

Red Haze is a top-down adventure game, and semi-sequel to Close Your Eyes. You are Rockette, a young girl turned to squatting and drug addiction to give meaning to her life. On your journey to find your dealer, an elderly woman called Aunti G, a voice in the walls reaches out to you and you feel followed. It’s described as a loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, and looks dark, gory, and atmospheric.


07/02/2017 – Splasher

I first played Splasher as an early build at a spring showcase from Plug In Digital and The Sidekicks last year, and it was definitely one of the titles that particularly stood out to me. It’s a 2D platformer about surviving the attack of the greedy Docteur, the boss of the paint factory known as Inkorp, where you work. The unique mechanic of Splasher is a multi-coloured ink gun that you use to paint the floors and walls, with each colour granting you a different ability. It’s fast-paced, tightly-controlled, and has a simplistic and appealing art style.


08/02/2017 – Bleed 2

Bleed is a game where you play Wryn, a pink-haired badass girl who wants to be the world’s best video game hero. In Bleed 2, Wryn is now the only remaining hero, and she must battle an invading force of villains in order to solidify her “greatest hero of all time” status. Like the first game, there looks to be plenty of air-dodging, bullet-time, and spectacular bosses, now with a soundtrack by Jukio Kallio, most notably known for the music in Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne. It looks really bloody cool, and I want it. Now.


09/02/2017 – We Are Chicago

We Are Chicago looks absolutely fascinating. It tells the story of Aaron, growing up in the south side of Chicago, and the troubles that he goes through. It’s based on in-depth interviews that are interwoven into the game’s story, and tells a tale of violence, family struggles, and self-discovery. It’s by no means a game that I feel I could accurately talk about to any degree, but its certainly something that looks to be quite evocative, and it’s one of those games that feels like it’s going to be important. According to the Steam page, half of the proceeds from sales will go to the All Stars Project of Chicago and Reclaim Our Kids, non-profit organisations that aim to provide positive and creative opportunities to people living throughout Chicago.


10/02/2017 – Evangeline

Evangeline is a short narrative experience that uses colour as a guiding tool. You explore an authentic town from the 1980’s, finding the reason behind a seemingly minor detail that you encounter. It looks pretty, calming, and pushes a question in it’s marketing, descriptions, and trailers: “If you could make one last call to a loved one, what would you say?” It leaves me feeling curious about what the game holds in store.


There we go! There’s some video games. A lot of high-octane action platformers this week, a genre quite popular in the indie scene, but nonetheless these ones look really good.