Indie games! We think they’re really bloody cool at Indie Haven – if you couldn’t tell from looking at the name – and a whole treasure trove of them come out every day. With  such a high frequency of releases, it’s easy for some real gems to get lost in the proverbial ocean of games, so here are five coming out next week that we think look quite promising.


31/01/2017 – The Videokid

The Videokid is a scrolling platformer heavily inspired by the arcade classic, Paperboy. It’s jam-packed with 80’s references, a popular trend amongst games both indie and triple-A for the past few years, and The Videokid spares no expenses. Delivering VHS tapes with destructive precision and performing sweet skateboard tricks, all to a soundtrack produced by prolific EDM musician, Savant? Sounds like a fun time to me.


31/01/2017 – Warlock’s Tower

Warlock’s Tower places you in the shoes of a mail man delivering a package to a Warlock’s Tower. You are, however, met with a risky set of rules on your quest to deliver the package; every step you take, you lose a life. It’s a mechanic that we’ve seen in a number of puzzle games before, but in Warlock’s Tower, it’s coupled with a gorgeous art style ripped straight from the aesthetic of games on the original Game Boy.


02/02/2017 – Diluvion

When I look at the trailer for Diluvion, my first thought is ‘Firefly but underwater.’ That’s a concept that I particularly enjoy, and it seems like it’s going to be executed quite fantastically here. With 3rd-person submarine-on-submarine-on-dangerous-sea-creature combat, crew management particularly reminiscent of FTL: Faster Than Light, and both  3D and 2D art styles that both look gorgeous and blend together effectively, this is definitely a game that I want to keep my eye on.


02/02/2017 – Alwa’s Awakening

In Alwa’s Awakening, you are Zoe, a heroine sent from another world to bring peace to a land called Alwa. You journey through traditional 2D-platforming levels with that classic retro-inspired art style that we all know and love. You can unlock various different abilities used through your magic staff in order to aid your navigation, like a green gem that can be used as a platform, or a bubble that lifts you up to higher areas like an elevator. It looks quite cute, and has a catchy chiptune soundtrack.


04/02/2017 – EvilMorph

In EvilMorph, you navigate through a grim labyrinth, dodging traps and taking out enemies in what looks like some challenging gameplay. The unique twist that developers ClickGames bring to the table? When you kill an enemy, you morph into them and adopt their abilities. You can go on to use these new-found powers to overcome obstacles that were impossible beforehand. It’s quirky and interesting, and it’s something that has a lot of potential.



There you have it! A sort of retro bonanza of titles (excluding Divulion) next week, so if any of the games here take your fancy, be sure to check them out.

  • This is a good post format. I don’t think these were done in parts of 2016. Capsule previews are great.