Nintendo has announced that for the duration of E3, Wii U owners can download free demos for nine games from independant developers.

The initiative called Nindies@Home allows Nintendo eShop users to download the games from now until June 22.

As each game is released, players who downloaded the demo will be eligible for a 15 percent discount on each title.

Titles to chose from are:

  • Quirky first person shooter Lovely Planet from tinybuild and QUICKTEQUILA
  • Spooky platformer Extreme Exorcism from Ripstone and Golden Ruby Games
  • Vibrant multiplayer adventure Runbow from 13AM Games
  • Dimension-shifting platformer Mutant Mudds Super Challenge from Renegade Kid
  • Planetary explorer forma.8 from Mixed bag
  • Surreal platformer Typoman from Headup Games and Brainseed Factory
  • Robo-shooter Rive from Two Tribes
  • Combat-based platfromer Freedom Planet from GalaxyTrail Games
  • Sci-fi thriller Soul Axiom from Wales Interactive

While most of the titles are available on multiple platforms, Runbow and Mutant Mudds Super Challenge are exclusive to Wii U.

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