Dollhouse, a film noir-style horror game with an “intricate Stephen King like narrative”, is coming to PlayStation 4 in addition to PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Developed by independent studio Creazn, Dollhouse follows protagonist Marie as she navigates her mind to unravel her past. The game relies on the player’s decisions as it “adapts to the player’s decisions based on what memories the players kept or deleted to define who they are”. Deviating from traditional horror game elements like jump scares and grotesque creatures, Dollhouse focuses on suspension to build its horror genre.

“The whole game is designed to look like a 1950’s noir film,” its Steam page reads. “You cannot win or lose in this game, you can only try to craft a story you believe in.”

More than just building suspension, the game’s website lists features like “Cost of Remembering” and “Procedurally Generated Campaigns” that mark Dollhouse an atypical horror game. The Steam page also mentions the “Anamorph”, a crucial in-game feature that allows the player to look through the eyes of their conscience.

Dollhouse also includes a multiplayer element in which the player can engage in 4-player co-op and versus matches. Alongside multiplayer modes, a trailer released a few days ago boasts of “dozens of unlockable abilities” and “a large cast of playable characters.”

Dollhouse is set to release in 2015. If you are interested in trying the game out before it is released, you can sign up for a closed PC beta here. Take a look at the new trailer below:

Source: Steam, Dollhouse website