Isometric action-adventure Eitr debuted its first gameplay video at E3 on Monday, complete with a moody soundtrack and swarms of skeletons. Eitr is being developed in Unity by Eneme Entertainment and is set to be published on PC and PS4 by Devolver Digital sometime in 2016. Check out Eneme’s description of the story and the E3 trailer below:

“The Shield Maiden, as with all mortal Norsemen, was to have her fate determined by the three fate-weaving Norns and their sacred loom before she even entered the world. However, her destiny was shattered when the mischievous god Loki interfered, dripping spots of the wretched substance Eitr into the unwoven loom, forever altering the Shield Maiden’s path and engulfing the great tree Yggdrasil in darkness. Now the Shield Maiden must venture into the nine Norse worlds connected by Yggdrasil and unravel the mystery of her fate.”

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