Lazy Games has announced the long-awaited Early Access release of Overdosed – A Trip To Hell, and to celebrate the release there is a 10% discount.

After taking an intense experimental form of LSD, you end up battling against hordes of nightmarish creatures in randomly generated, arena style levels. Basically players run around with an Uzi in each hand wildly spewing bullets in all directions – probably not an advertising slogan you will see this Christmas. Influenced by the colourful craziness of Hotline Miami, Overdosed takes those run and gun elements and sees you scrambling for cash piles, ammo and more drugs while defending yourself against various enemies. Indulge yourself in this Early Access trailer.

Looking like a cross between Starship Troopers and Robotron, the real meat of the game lies is in the roguelike Adventure mode where the goal is to progress through five randomly generated stages, each one with their own unique set of objectives to complete. In standard roguelike practice, every level will be different each time you play.

Arena mode gives you dual Uzi’s and limited ammo. Fight increasing-in-difficulty waves of enemies to earn points to purchase additional weapons and gadgets.


As it is on Early Access, Lazy Games does plan to continue working on the game and update it regularly with new and improved content. Additional themes such as a Haunted and Hospital locations are planned as future content which will increase the size and scale of the game as each theme will have its own set of enemies with their own unique characteristics.

If you’re interested, visit the Steam Store.