Fans of Party Hard rejoice! it seems that Tiny Builds violent pixelated party-shutdown game is set to come to consoles this year.

A semi-procedurally generated game, Party Hard lets players assume the role of someone that’s had enough of their neighbour’s loud party antics. Instead of calling of the cops like a normal person this violent sociopath decides to get revenge with gratuitous amounts of carnage and gore.

Players are equipped with their trusty knife and using tactics, stealth and various objects in the environment they can carve a bloody wave of vengeance across numerous parties throughout the USA.

According to a post on Tiny Builds official website, Party Hard will be coming to Xbox One and PS4 sometime this Spring. So console owners can now enjoy the pixelated carnage that PC players have been enjoying ever since this game first appeared on STEAM last year.

Plus, to accompany the console launch Tiny Build will be releasing a free DLC pack for Party Hard titled ‘The After Party DLC’.


Party Hard Is Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Spring:  []