Round up your crew and set sail; you’re going to be traveling the world in search of legendary treasures for both fame and fortune. Renowned Explorers: International Society by Abbey Games has you put together a crew a crew who have the skills and equipment to find what they seek.

Gameplay is a mixture of FTL and tactical RPGs, à la Ogre Battle or Final Fantasy Tactics, and to succeed players need to be mindful of the strengths and weaknesses of the crew they put together, and how many resources they have for adventuring. Choose poorly and difficulties arise, you’ll have to turn around try again later.


The overworld map for each area has a smattering of towns, encounters, and ultimately your current goal. Trekking across from location to location uses up your limited resources, but they can be resupplied by doing various quests or accomplishing missions.

Combat is on a grid and your location relative to enemies makes attacks stronger, weaker, or miss altogether. What differs in Renowned Explorers from similar games is that the mood of the fight can affect how things play out and each of your attacks affect the enemy state of minds, be it making them happy, angry, or scared. Make them happy enough, and they may just join your team; upset them, and their strength goes up but they take more damage; scare them, and they may just run away from the fight!


If you’re one who constantly instills fears in your enemies, your party will become known as fearmongers. Talk peace with enemies, and you’ll be known as well-spirited folk. Both cause different outcomes in various game events.

There is no release date yet, but stay tuned on their website and here for information as it comes!

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