Payday 2 is finally being fixed on Xbox One after months of problems. The current gen console releases promised “Updates and DLCs worth over $80 in recommended retail value” as well as texture and framerate improvements. Instead Xbox One players were greeted with various bugs, glitches – some utterly game breaking- and even the inability to play online with friends.

Developers Overkill have released a Reddit post to console heisters detailing that they will be improving their communication to fans as well as fixing connection problems and bring new updates and DLC to console versions that ae already available to PC users.

Overkill also released a video where producer Almir Listo apologises on behalf of the Overkill development team and explains “we’re making some radical changes to how the matchmaking works in Payday 2 in order to ensure, in a simple way, that you can join games going forward.” adding that we should see these changes “no later than the end of the year”

Almir will be at Twitchcon this weekend at the Walking Dead VR booth and will be meeting fans and answering any questions that are thrown at him. Make them good.

Almir writes “We’re looking to do another update like this in the next week or the week after, depending on how things go.” Hopefully this means more console news on Payday 2.

Source: The utterly broken Xbox One version of Payday 2 is getting fixed [Destructoid]

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