Kitsune Games have released the open beta for their possess-em-up roguelike Midboss on for $7.

The game has been available as a free download for a while, but the release of the early access edition signifies a step closer to the game completing development. Free updates and the full release are promised to buyers, whereas the free download will not stay up to date throughout development.

The game has also launched its Steam Greenlight campaign, which can be found here.

minitaurMidboss is a traditional turn-based rogue-like, however the hook is your ability to possess enemies. Starting out as an incredibly weak Imp, you’re able to work your way up the food chain of the procedurally generated dungeons, stealing other creatures’ bodies and powers.

I played the free alpha of Midboss a while ago and found it an incredibly interesting idea with some pretty solid implementation. It’s still obviously quite a way away from being done, but it is certainly something to consider checking out if you’re looking for a more traditional roguelike than the recent slew of hybrids.

Disclaimer: I’m friends with the developer of this game.

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  • This looks fun will have to check it out thanks.