Well it’s good news for fans of Prison Architect, it seems the 2D prison simulator game will be heading to consoles fairly soon.

In a post made on Playstation.com, Mark Morris of Introversion Software said that Prison Architect will be headed to consoles this spring.

According to Morris, this launch on consoles is possible thanks to a collaboration with Double Eleven a UK developer team that worked on titles like Little Big Planet and the Xbox One version of Goat Simulator.

He also said that they were inspired to bring Prison Architect to consoles after the overwhelming positive reaction they got when it initially launched on PC as an Alpha back in 2012.

Gareth Wright, the Games Design Manager at Double Eleven seemed pretty eager about the upcoming console launch: “Myself and the team are hard at work creating the very best Prison Architect experience for console, we are working closely with our friends at Introversion. I hope you are as excited about Prison Architect as we are.”

Apparently Double Eleven are also going to be bringing some interesting new mechanics to the popular prison management game.

For example, players will be able to equip their prisons with an armoury that can house various weapons for their guards like Tasers and guns to deal with any rowdy inmates. There will also be new events like infernos in buildings and riots to contend with. Plus players will also be able to share their prison designs to the online community as well as download and play with prison layouts created by other Wardens.

Prison Architect will launch later this year on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4.


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    Hm… And still no information about the mobile (Android) release?