Cultivating a bonsai tree on the go will soon be a reality when Prune lays down its roots on the iOS App Store later this year.

In Prune, players clip the branches of a tree with a swipe of the finger, altering how they grow. Each level requires the cropping of branches until they can successfully reach rays of sunlight. Of course, obstacles stand in the way, such as shade stunting growth and red dead zones poisoning entire trees. The trees themselves grow automatically, so victory necessitates a bit of timing and quick thinking. It also appears later puzzles will require the use of interchangeable light sources to arch the bark through tight caverns.


Prune is the first title from Joel McDonald under his company name, Polyculture. He previously worked in the triple-a space as a Raven Software level designer, working on titles like Wolfenstein (2009), Singularity, and Call of Duty.

Pairing its simple mechanic with a solemn mood and delicate, minimalist art style, Prune looks to be a relaxing yet challenging experience for iOS. Check out the gameplay trailer below.


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