A console port has been added as a stretch goal to Red Ash‘s Kickstarter campaign. Exactly what console the game will port to however, hasn’t been revealed. The port is set for only one console and it’s anyone’s guess which platform it will be. The update tells us the $1,000,000 goal will enable Comcept to bring the game to one console but doesn’t specify which one.

Comcept give a few reasons for not specifying the console. They’ve told us that they want to be careful with their Kickstarter funding as they know porting to consoles is an expensive process. They’ve also said they would love to port to major platforms such as PS4, Xbox One and Wii U, Comcept still need to negotiate with console makers:

Another reason that we can’t announce the console now is because we need to negotiate with the console makers. It’s a big assignment for us, but we are confident we’ll have great support due to the team’s prior work with the consoles.

Comcept has said they would hold a poll to allow Kickstarter backers to decide the console Red Ash will come to. Although Comcept viewed the console ports of Mighty No.9 as an arduous process, they have recognised that “there’s high demand for not only a PC version, but also a console version”

Source: Siliconera, Kickstarter.

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