Gothic-horror roguelike Darkest Dungeon‘s devs shared a road map of where they’re headed in development today, unveiling a new class to come in July and setting a date of “late October” for a 1.0 release. I’m going to go ahead and assume it will be conveniently Halloween-adjacent.

The new hero joining the bloody fray will be the Houndmaster, a “rugged ex-constable, accompanied by his faithful Wolfhound”. Along with him will be a significant number of gameplay changes, including:


Sanitarium overhaul. A significant rework of quirks, diseases, and the Sanitarium is coming!  You’ll be able to sculpt your heroes a little more by locking your favorite positive quirks on them – but be warned, doing so is permanent, and cannot be reversed.

Diseases will also be separated into their own category, and better integrated into the game game flow.

Armor icons will upgrade on all heroes.

“And more…”  Quality of life changes, balance, tuning, gameplay tweaks and other additions.

Along with this patch they also hinted at summer updates pertaining to Kickstarter backer rewards, including personalized heroes and item design, and a new Dungeon called “The Cove”, with unique bosses, monsters, curios, traps, and obstacles.

You can also look forward to the heart-wrenching tale of how I got my first complete party wipe, coming soon to an Indie Haven op-ed near you!

party wipeSource: Kickstarter


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