You can read my thoughts about the Early Access release of The Deer God here. Since it’s now fully released on Steam, I’m going to talk about the changes since then and give my overall conclusions about the game.

First up: The Deer God is a 3D pixel art platformer game about a hunter who has been turned into a deer. It’s not that serious, with witches and ghosts and spike traps – there are a lot of spikes.

It’s quite good. Most of the complaints I talk about in my original review have been fixed, though there are still issues. Enemies are much smarter about avoiding spike traps and fire, though some still leap to their pointy doom. Little foals are still pretty useless, becoming stuck on the scenery within a minute of being born. At least the respawns are a little more forgiving now. Though I’m pleased that it has improved, I still feel that The Deer God is still hasn’t met its potential.

The main problem I have is that it becomes too damn repetitive. You can easily get into a groove of dodging everything the game throws at you and never feel challenged. Story events are too far apart, and there’s not enough in between them to keep things interesting. Perhaps this is just because I’ve played through it four times now but… You may well enjoy it on your first playthrough much more than I liked my most recent run, but I still feel that even new players will find it drawn out.

There is now a ‘Hardcore Mode’ (I’m not sure what distinguishes it as it played the same as normal mode) and a co-op multiplayer mode. Playing with a friend can make any game better, so perhaps this is the best way to experience The Deer God.

That said, The Deer God is still beautiful, still sounds great, and is probably worth at least one playthrough. It’s £10.99 at full price – is that fair? If you are looking for a whimsical little platformer, I think you should give it a chance. Otherwise, it’s one for the sales.

Reminder that you can read my Early Access review here.