Seeing the trailer for The Last Federation filled me with excitement. Seeing a diverse space world of nations going at it, while not new, seemed refreshing based on the gameplay. However I feel I may have hyped myself up too much for this.


Being the last surviving member of your race, you’ve decided to become a mercenary for hire who will basically let every race make you their lapdog (Calling your ship Slave I would’ve been more than appropriate if Boba Fett hadn’t already taken the name.) This is to realise your dream of uniting as many nations as you can into the titular Last Federation. From helping with the progress of the economy, medical science, crime rates and the like, the relevant statistics will go up and down based on your influence with each race. For example helping the Andor will affect your relationship with the Skylaxians, it may be a good influence or it could make them more displeased with you.

Considering that you’re trying to make a space federation of planets, most races are not actually spacefaring from the start. They will reach the stars in their own time, but you can speed things up by sending them some technology whilst avoiding other races’ drones. As you attempt to help other races, the amount of drones in your way to the drop point increases. It seems the races you previously helped don’t want you helping others in the same way.


The game starts off simple as the game drip feeds you information, and then it dumps it all over you. It gets overwhelming trying to keep up to date with the affairs of other races. This is most frustrating especially when you fast forward time whilst you help a race with, for example, their crime statistics, and the politics of everyone else whizzes by. On my first playthrough I was informed that I had been killed. I wasn’t entirely sure why, I spent the last five minutes increasing every races society. I had a few enemies, sure. But none of them appeared to be on the brink of murdering me. I guess that I had fast forwarded so much that I lost track of the internal politics of what each race thought of me, and of each other. That is one of the main downfalls of The Last Federation – There’s just too much going on.

There is a lot of detail to digest and it gets very overwhelming. Every race, every ship, every weapon all have various figures and it begins to blur. Each planet has its own hierarchy and unique way it does things. The Burlust Warlords are dominated by power with three Warlords vying for power, the Thoraxians are a hive mind race with a Queen and the Skylaxians are peace loving scientific grey-skinned aliens, to name a few. As such they will all need certain methods of appeasing them if you want them to join your new federation.

My friends don't like your friends...

My friends don’t like your friends…

You can gain influence and money from completing missions, technology, bribing officials and other mouse click tasks. The missions range from shoot-these-ships, to stand-still-by-this-docking-station. The combat is something I hadn’t seen before – you pick a short distance to move, choose your weapon and firing pattern and off it goes for a couple of seconds. Rinse and repeat. It’s like a turn based RTS (or as I call it SMS – Stop Motion Strategy) which keeps you on your toes and while making your decision you can check out the map around you and enemy and ally ships alike. Being in control of one ship does ease the pressure of a frantic space battle and allows you to take your time during combat.

I wouldn’t recommend The Last Federation for the casual gamer unless they have a good memory. Playing this in short bursts without having some sort of plan just leads to constant back-and-forth’ing between planets wondering if there’s something you can do. This will appeal to the strategy buffs who want something they can really sink their teeth into. Personally I would’ve liked to have seen some more action.

Review: The Last Federation
I really wanted to like this game, but got bogged down in all the details. This is why I won't go into politics.
  • Many routes to build your federation
  • Fresh turn based combat
  • Nice synth-rock soundtrack
  • Too much to get to grips with
  • Not enough combat for my liking
  • Not for the casual gamer
7Overall Score
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