This week we triumphantly return to highlight the evolution of games. It’s rare these days that games simply release and disappear like other forms of media. Instead, they evolve, they come out on different platforms, receive content updates; go through a beta test. It can be difficult to review certain games because you never know what strange paths their post-launch development might take.

This week we have four games that have traveled strange roads pre- and post-release before finding their way here to the Simply Steam feature. While they may be vastly different in how they were launched and how they came to arrive on Steam, they are games well worth checking out.


Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

I gushed about Super Mega Baseball on my Wide World of Indie Sports article, but I’ll never miss a chance to nudge people toward one of the most original sports games since Backyard Baseball. Super Mega Baseball first launched on the PlayStation 4 last winter — historically, not the best time to release a baseball game, but whatever. After being critically acclaimed and universally adored, Super Mega Baseball now finds its way to Steam.

You know everything that some people don’t like about baseball: the slow pace, the long season, and the dry commentary? Super Mega Baseball tosses all of that aside and gets to the meat of what makes baseball great: baseball. With slow players and weird physics, Super Mega Baseball is about as far from the simulation heavy MLB The Show 15 as you can possibly get. There’s no boring commentary, there’s only a charming, overly-enthusiastic umpire. There’s no separation of gender so your team can be filled with all different gender options.

Super Mega Baseball feels like a wacky athletic club softball league that takes itself way too seriously. Pick from one of the game’s awesome mascots, create a team filled with your friends, and enjoy America’s pastime in the best possible way. Sports nuts might be in full football mode (American or European), but it’s still worth picking up Super Mega Baseball. Sports games this good don’t come around that often.


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

It feels like I have been hearing about Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for eons now. It’s one of those games you see at every expo, hear about from friends, but never seems to actually launch. But finally this game is available on a Steam Store Page near you.

Playing solo or with a friend, players control a giant circular ship and much control their space craft while blasting away their enemies. It’s a purposefully clunky twin stick shooter that should be as fun as it is frustrating.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is also awash with character. It’s that cutesy, charming, colorful indie look that so many developers are doing these days, but Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime owns the look like few games do. It might be hamming it up to endear itself to its audience, but it works. So shut up.



I’m not the first person to say this, and I likely won’t be the last, but remember when everyone was making big budget MMOs, desperately trying to get a slice of that sweet, sweet WoW pie? It feels like MOBAs are the new MMO and Smite is like the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn of MOBA challengers. Smite has a smart take on the MOBA formula using deities as playable characters, making the world instantly recognizable and accessible without having to learn names like Timbersaw or Leshrac.

Smite’s developer Hi-Rez Studios seems to understand that the importance of garnering a fanbase. Hi-Rez Studio has been offering its beta to players throughout the year, trying to conjure a community which will support the game long after it launches. Will that be the case? We’ll have to wait and see.


Killing Floor 2

After launching its Early Access campaign to wide acclaim, Tripwire Interactive has flown relatively under the radar with its highly anticipated Killing Floor 2. Part of the reason for the long drought of energy has been a community which has found themselves eagerly awaiting new content.

The wait is over. Incinerate and Detonate is one of the largest updates Tripwire has released for Killing Floor 2 and it included a couple new perks, new maps, and new weapons. With updates to include NVIDIA’s Flex technology for even bloodier and more grotesque kills, Killing Floor 2’s content is rounding out quite nicely.

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