Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is here. With all those game developers gathering in one place it makes sense that there will be an indie presence there.

Here’s a rundown of all the games being featured at the Indie Megabooth, which will showcase 16 indie games and their respective developers at GDC this year:

Extreme Exorcism   

The basics: Extreme Exorcism is an action platforming game in the vein of Towerfall in terms of aesthetics and gameplay. The action is frantic and fast paced with much of the action confined to arena style levels packed to the brim with bad guys. Hunt ghosts solo or with your friends in a stylish 8-bit world created by the folks at Golden Ruby Games.

Developers: Golden Ruby Games

Who to Follow: @GoldenRubyGames

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Fate Tectonics

The Basics: Fate Tectonics is a god game by the folks at Golden Gear Games that looks like it’d be right at home on the Super Nintendo. The game tasks players with building a world that pleases the gods. These deities are fickle however for they are apt to obliterate all that hard work should they be displeased. The pixel art in this game looks beautiful and gameplay looks easy enough for anybody to pick up. It’s an intriguing title that’s worth a look.

Developer: Golden Gear Games

Who to follow: @fatetectonics

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The Basics: Ever dream of literally being a star zipping through space? Well, Gemini might be the game for you. This is a beautiful looking game with a simple premise — guide two stars into the sky in order to light up the world. The story is communicated without words leaving its aesthetics and gameplay to convey its message.

Developer: Echostone games

Who to follow: @geminithegame

Where to find more info:


Inside My Radio

The Basics: Inside My Radio is a rhythm based action platformer that relies on its driving soundtrack to propel gameplay. This is a game that looks just as much fun to listen to as it is to play.

Developer: Seaven Studios

Who to Follow: @SeavenStudio


Legends of Eisenwald

The Basics: Legends of Eisenwald is an old school RPG with elements of strategy and turn-based combat. While the fantasy world looks to be fairly generic, the combat is crisp and interesting, and the Baronesses armor, for once, is extremely realistic. Good to see a mideival fantasy game skip the boob plate armor.

Developer:  Aterdux Entertaiment

— Sara Casale, Indie Haven Contributor


The Basics: Machineers is a charming construction puzzle game. You play as Zola, an apprentice in a repair shop that happens to be in the midst of an amusement park. Puzzles help you build and repair to help the townspeople and your boss, and prove yourself to this colorful and elaborate world.



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— Sara Casale, Indie Haven Contributor


Megaton Rainfall

The Basics: Describes itself as a “one man made first person shooter.” You control a fast moving flying superhero against an onslaught of aliens with a huge level of destruction available and present, even in the trailer.

Developer: Pentadimensional Games

Who to Follow: @alfonsodelcerro


Mushroom 11

The Basics: Not many games like Mushroom 11 out there and that is one of the big reasons this is worth checking out. It’s a puzzle-platformer where you move an amorphous amoeba type organism by erasing its cells.

Developer: Untame

Who to Follow: @untamegames

Where to find more information:


No Pineapple Left Behind

The Basics: This game is just plain weird in all the best ways. An evil wizard has showed up at a school and turned all the children into pineapples.The goal of this resource management sim is to make sure that they stay that way.

Developer: Subaltern Games

Who to Follow: @SubalternGames


Where to find more information:




The Basics: Indie Haven contributor Matt Perez previewed this game so you can find a more indepth look at the game here. This indie game looks like the perfect blend of puzzler and character study with a minimalist approach.

Developer: MichaelArts

Who to Follow: @michaelartsxm

Where to find more information:


Push Me Pull You  

The basics: If you made a sport for the human centipede then you would have this game. It’s a competitive game that puts two people joined at the waist into a competitive wrestling match to see who can maintain control of a ball and keep it in their own side of the circle. Push Me Pull You is a QWOP-like that encourages teamwork under the quirkiest of circumstances.

Developers: House House

Who to Follow: @pmpygame

Where to find more info:


That Dragon, Cancer   

The basics: We’ve covered this game extensively for Indie Haven putting it on a most anticipated list for 2015 and featuring the developers on the Indie Haven Podcast. This game is devoted to the developers son who died of cancer and one of those titles that really pushes the medium.


Who to Follow: @ryangreen8, @godatplay

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The Flock   

The basics: This is a first person multiplayer shooter that doesn’t involve guns. Instead play as members of the Flock that are seeking an artifact that will turn them into the Carrier. Wielders of the artifact have to keep other players at bay by shining its light upon them while trying to carry out objectives. It’s an interesting premise and well worth a look.

Developers: Vogelsap

Who to Follow: @theflockgame

Where to find more info:


Throw Trucks With Your Mind

The basics: The title explains it all. This is an arena combat game where a headset affords you the ability to hurl trucks with your mind. The focus will be on multiplayer combat with six different modes and a quirky cast of characters to play with.

Developers: Crooked Tree Studios

Who to Follow: @ThrowTrucks

Where to find more info:


The basics: This game looks really hard, but loads of fun. It’s an action platformerer where you play as a robot that can’t jump. Instead use rockets to propel you up, over or through any obstacle.

Developers: Candescent Games, Inc.

Who to Follow: @CandescentGames

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