According to developer Keen Software House, one million people have bought their intergalactic sandbox title, Space Engineers.

The Czech developer is celebrating the impressive sales milestones in tandem with the one year anniversary of the game’s availability on Steam Early Access.

The game can be found on Valve’s early access service, here.

“We feel twice as happy with this achievement since it came on our first year anniversary since Space Engineers was launched to the public. This gives us double reasons to celebrate” stated Marek Rosa, CEO and Founder of Keen Software House in a blog post on the developer’s website.

Going further, the developer also said that they were “Looking to the future” and that the busy outfit would be “Focusing on adding new features and bug fixing and also continue taking feedback and suggestions from the community who is helping to further improve and expand the game.”

Space Engineers was also confirmed to Xbox One bound back in August, too.

Source: Keen Software House

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