Elite: Dangerous, the space trading epic by Frontier Developments, will release on December 16th, 2014 the developer confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer.

Previously available in a variety of alpha and beta builds since the game smashed its Kickstarter funding target early in 2013, Elite: Dangerous will be available to purchase from the official website for the princely sum of £35 when it releases this December.

Speaking about the upcoming crucial milestone to Eurogamer, studio boss David Braben wanted to make sure that the release of the game does not mark the end of active development, telling the outlet “No game is ever truly finished in the minds of those making it,”.

Elaborating further, Braben goes on to say,”There are two types of things that can happen at this stage. The first is endless ‘feature-creep’ – new features are added which in turn cause problems that have to be fixed. The second is polishing what is there. The latter reaches a point where there are diminishing returns, but the challenge is always to be able to judge when that will be long in advance. At Frontier we have been doing this for a long time, so we are confident the date we have announced is a sensible one.”

Another neat tidbit to come from the announcement is the reveal of how many of the participants in the alpha and beta builds have been using Oculus Rift to play the game; some 10% of all total users as of the end of Christmas 2013.

“As our own publisher, we understood from our own experience that the Rift had been bought by many people who loved our game, so we decided to take a punt.” Braben continues, “I think this was vindicated, when we released an update for the Alpha that included early Rift support, and by the end of the Christmas period, nearly 10 per cent of our backers had played the game with Oculus Rift.”

Coinciding with the release date announcement, Frontier Developments has also released a video titled “The Future of Elite: Dangerous” that you can view below.

Source: Frontier Developments via Eurogamer

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