Anyone that has fond memories of toiling away in Harvest Moon will be pleased to hear that Stardew Valley, a game that could arguably be its spiritual successor, has finally been released.

Developed by Concernedape, Stardew Valley is a top-down pixelated survival game that puts players in control of a small time farmer that’s tasked with turning their grandfathers old plot of land into a thriving farm.

Players start off with nothing but a set of second-hand tools and equipment and from there they have to irrigate fields, grow crops and try to eke out a living from their grandfather’s old farm whilst the shadowy Joja Corporation slowly corrodes and pollutes the landscape.

Players can raise animals, grow a variety of crops, create machines to automate things around the farm, start up an orchard and even get married. There’s also elements of combat, foraging, mining and fishing that players can take part in to level up their skills, unlock new areas and professions.

There’s also a thriving community that players can interact with and a range of creative options available that let you make your own customised character and house.

Stardew Valley is currently available through STEAM for PC and Mac users.


Comfy, Country-Life RPG Stardew Valley Now Available: []

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