All The World’s a Stage – A Review of Plague Road

My overall sense is of a project that has plenty of ambition for its scale, but with a development team that lacked either the resources or the time to fully realize it. The art and writing demonstrate a clear vision and a care for a unified aesthetic that’s rare even amongst indie games, but this effort is undermined as a complete piece in other areas.

Review: QuestRun

For many years now, the term ‘JRPG’ has been a bit of a misnomer. Many games recently released have deviate from the traditional roots of the genre. It used to mean a very clean and defined set of mechanics and...

Review: Child of Light

Take a stunning oil painting, bring the tapestry to life, and the result is an overload of visual splendor embodied by Child of Light. But much like how the quality of art is determined by the eyes that behold ...