Telltale Games released their Summer 2017 update today, in which they announced new series for three of their popular franchises: The Walking Dead, Batman: The Enemy Within, and, much to immense joy from many fans online, the much awaited second season of The Wolf Among Us.

It’s very exciting, especially finally seeing more The Wolf Among Us. Let’s take a look at what we know so far!

Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman: The Enemy Within follows on from Telltale’s first foray into the Batman universe, which received a mixed reception but used its five episodes to establish a lot of the mainstay Batman villains. A stand-out quote from the Summer update video is from Troy Baker, saying that “in The Enemy Within we get to see those villains, those monsters, in repose.” As well as this, Telltale teased the idea of having to play with Batman’s sense of morality, and promised an exploration of “means to an end.” We’ll see Batman: The Enemy Within in August of this year.

The Walking Dead – Season 4

The Walking Dead’s fourth and final season will once again follow the story of regular series protagonist Clementine. After having a pretty rough time in the first two seasons of Telltale’s classic series, and experiencing a flicker of hope in The New Frontier, we should see a hardened but hopeful Clem in this fourth season, looking for AJ from Season 2, a character that Clem has a strong emotional bond with. And we’ll be able to play it in 2018.

The Wolf Among Us – Season 2

Here’s the real kicker. Myself and countless others online have been pining for a second season of The Wolf Among Us the moment we all finished the first season’s fifth episode, reflected in the cast of the game reading out tweets about just that at the beginning of the announcement. Compared to Telltale’s other titles, the universe of Fables hasn’t seen a lot of mainstream proliferation, and it was fantastic not only to see Telltale explore this setting that many aren’t familiar with, but it was executed in a fantastic way and had a rich story, captivating characters, and a whimsically-dark world. But we’re going to have to wait a little longer for it all: about a year to be precise, for an unspecified 2018 release.

Which of the three are you all most excited about? And can you tell which one it is for me? Let us know in the comments!