An electrifying addition to the Tic-Toc-Tower roster has just hit Steam. Tesla-kid, the main character from Teslagrad can be downloaded tomorrow as a playable character for the platformer. The Tesla-kid already showed his platforming prowess in Teslagrad, but he will face a whole new set of challenges in Tic-Toc-Tower.

Feel like climbing the tower with the help of the Tesla-kid? Power up here.


The foremost reason given to add the Tesla-kid to Tic-Toc-Tower is the wish to connect great indie games. Not just the creators but also the characterful universes, creating a link of interest for one game via the inclusion of the element of another, and not just to make a quick buck. Because of that, anyone who owns Teslagrad on Steam will receive the Tesla-kid DLC free of charge, if they decide they want to give Tic-Toc-Tower a try. For those who don’t own the game, it’s currently on the Steam Store at half price.


How did the Tesla-kid end up in Tic-Toc-Tower? A press release breaks it down for us:

“After releasing Tic-Toc-Tower in September we started looking at ways to offer cool and interesting DLC post-launch. The main objective is adding new features to the game without hiding essential gameplay behind a paywall.

Adding extra characters, in addition to free updates to the game, made a lot of sense. In addition to that we started brainstorming on doing DLC characters with a twist. After some deliberation it was decided that adding characters from other games could be interesting. We hope it introduces Tic-Toc-Tower players to the wonderful world of Teslagrad, and the addition of the Tesla-kid will hopefully inspire Teslagrad fans to check out the frantic platforming gameplay of Tic-Toc-Tower.”


Hans Dunnik from Sneaky Mammoth added the following: “With the Tesla-kid DLC launching we’re entering an interesting time for Tic-Toc-Tower, we’d like to spend time even after launch to keep on refining and expand the game according to feedback and wishes from our fans. We promise this won’t compromise the main gameplay for Tic-Toc-Tower and will make sure nothing gets locked behind DLC which will give players an advantage over one another in the leaderboards.”