The Christmas season has come and gone – we’ve all stuffed ourselves with turkey, mince pies and Brussels sprouts. While your family are all headed to the gym to shed the excess pounds they’ve picked up over the holiday season, you need games to play. Remember all those games you said you’d play, but never got around to? Well, now’s your chance to catch up on them, as between now and January 4th (which also happens to be my birthday) a massive number of games are going to be hugely discounted.

Of course, with the sheer size of the library of games on offer, it can be difficult to know what games are absolute must haves, and which games you can afford to miss out on. Well, fret not, here at Indie Haven, we’ve dug through the storefront looking for the biggest discounts, on all the games games that we think need to be on your wish list. So, here we have it, the Indie Haven shopping list for the Christmas 2015 Steam Sale.

Transistor/Bastion – 80%/75% off


If you haven’t played either of Supergiant’s games already, now is the time to pick them up. The discount being offered for these two amazing games is absolutely ridiculous. Both feature Jen Zee’s gorgeous artwork, set against Darren Korb’s outstanding soundtrack. For an insanely low price, you can play through two incredible adventures. You can enjoy the Kid’s journey across Caelondia as one of the only survivors of the apocalyptic Calamity in Bastion, and then you can have a slightly more tactical experience with Red’s adventures in the City of Cloudbank in Transistor.  And then, if you’re anything like me, you can replay them both because you enjoyed them so much the first time. Seriously, they’re that good.

Terraria – 66% off


Does the idea of Minecraft crossed with Super Metroid sounds good to you? Then you need Terraria in your life. It’s a game you may have forgotten existed. We’ve all done it – put a game in our wish list, or said we’d come back to it later, and then never gotten round to actually buying it. Well, if that’s the case, now’s the time to give Terraria a go. It’s a game that’s lot of fun, and full of depth, offering a surprising amount of content and an adventure you can pour hours of your time into.

Cities: Skylines – 60% off


Fellow Indie Haven contributor Robert Edwards included this game on his personal 2015 game awards, giving it the prestigious title of “Best New IP of the Year.” It beat off stiff competition this year, including Rocket League, Ori and the Blind Forest, and even AAA titles including Bloodborne. After the SimCity debacle somehow lead to the closure of the entire Maxis Emeryville studio, no-one was expecting another City Management simulator to rise from the ashes so quickly. And then Cities: Skylines came along, with its novice friendly gameplay, combined with enough complexity to keep even the most seasoned city management player interested.

City building games certainly aren’t for everyone, but if there was ever a time to give one a go, this is it.

Ori and the Blind Forest – 40% off


If you’re looking for a platforming adventure, you’ll be hard pushed to find one more deserving of your time than Ori and the Blind Forest. It’s a beautiful experience, quite possibly the best looking game of 2015, with a bold art style with strikes a perfect balance between murky darkness and vivid colours. Set against Gareth Coker’s beautiful soundtrack, Ori and the Blind Forest would be well worth your money, even if it weren’t on sale.

Payday 2 – 75% off


For a moment, let’s wipe Overkill’s disgusting behaviour from our collective memories. I know it’s hard, but just for a moment, let’s go back to the time when Overkill could do no wrong. There’s just no way of speaking positively about Payday 2 if you keep the developer’s antics on your mind, which is a shame, because it’s a damn fine game. Sure, the disastrous mess of its microtransaction additions, alongside the backstabbing attitude of the developer has somewhat marred the reputation of the game, but at 75% off, this is probably the best time to pick the game up. And I say that as someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy first person shooters.

Portal 2 – 80% off

portal 2

OK, I know it’s not indie, but it’s difficult to talk about a Steam sale without including one of Valve’s biggest IPs. I probably don’t need to tell you too much it. Let’s face it, right now I’m really only talking to people who’ve just started playing games in the last few years. The Portal series is arguably Valve’s second biggest IP, outperformed only by the massively successful Half-Life games. It’s a first person puzzle game, featuring interesting characters reading a script with razor sharp jokes, and some seriously dark humour. It’s a hugely versatile game, which can be enjoyed either alone, or with friends. At 80% off… Look, just trust me – go play it.

Telltale Games Collection – 75% off


If you’ve never played one of Telltale’s episodic adventure games before… well, first of all, what rock have you been hiding under? Anyway, now you’re back with us, it’s time you picked one up, and give it a shot. Take your pick from any of the many franchises they’ve covered. Minecraft, Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands… It doesn’t matter which. Buy that one game, and try it out. If you enjoy it, and want to play more of Telltale’s games, pick up this bundle. At 75% off, this is the biggest money saver of the lot. You can pick up £133.99 worth of games, for only £33.49. That’s literally an insane saving of over £100.

Of course this is just a small selection of the amazing games available in the Steam Christmas Sale. Have you seen an unmissable title on a major discount that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.