Vogelsap, developer of the asymmetrical multiplayer thriller The Flock, are attempting to bounce back from the game’s disappointing launch. The game grabbed headlines with its bold faced announcement that the game would shut down after 215,358,979 player deaths, but after a litany of technical issues severely hampered the game upon launch, interest in the game died right down to a whimper. To fix this, the developer has announced that they will soon be releasing a major update.

The announcement came in the form of a refreshingly honest post on the game’s steam page, in which the developer openly admitted to making three mistakes when launching the title:

  1. Price vs content (we’re not competitive enough)

  2. Bugs (the game isn’t working properly on a lot of setups)

  3. Longevity of the game (people stop playing after just 30 mins – 2hrs of play)

The update, which is being aimed for launch around Halloween time aims to fix these issues, promising a reduced price, significantly improved performance and a new map, as well as new gameplay modes. However, the games ‘shut down upon a certain number of deaths mechanic’ isn’t going anywhere, as the developers still “truly believe in and will stick with,” the idea.

When IndieHaven’s Josh Hinke reviewed the game on it’s launch, he was particularly critical of the games lack of substance. Many critics also commented that the game has a sound idea at it’s core, which just hadn’t quite lived up to it’s full potential. This update could breathe new life into the game, and make it into the game we all wish it could be. And with its dark and gloomy atmosphere and tense, nerve wracking gameplay, Halloween could well be the perfect time to give it a try.

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