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This week on The Indie Haven Podcast Laura, Isaac and Jose spend an hour chatting with the wonderful Josh Larson, half of the team behind Laura’s Most Anticipated Indie Game of 2014, That Dragon, Cancer.

We discuss the relationship between religious belief and very personal game design, the exhausting task of working on an emotion heavy game, responses to the demo at public events and if video game violence causes online anonymous aggression more often than real life acts of physical violence.

Come give us a listen, it’s an hour of discussion that raised some interesting points we hadn’t previously thought about.

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Laura’s gaming journey began in the 90′s when she was given a SNES by her older brother with Mario paint. From that day video games were all she thought about day or night, be it playing them, designing them, discussing them or writing about them. Why does she want to write about indie games? Because indie devs are awesome and she wants to be their new best friend by telling them how terrible their games are. That’s how it works right? Twitter: @LauraKBuzz Email:

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