Clown City! It’s the city of clowns. It’s on the rooftops every night, please.

Amidst yet more concerns over the Rube Goldberg machine that is Steam, the gang gets together once again to deliver the kind of top quality chat you’ve come to expect from the Indie Haven podcast. George comes bearing an immensely on-brand indie game pick of the week, Elodie mourns an insect, David Cage returns with some slanderous accusations, and Josh refuses to be silenced.

Oh, and another indie studio got threatened with a ludicrously spurious copyright lawsuit. What a surprise.

Links of note:

Steam gifting update article on Polygon

Praey for the Gods website

Calm Down, Stalin on Steam

Black Mesa on Steam

Valley on Steam

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Elodie is an Mspaint Goddess, composer, cat mother and Gungan Queen from the UK. Ingredients include an eclectic mix of earnestness and absurdity, along with a dash of irony and a pinch of salt. The result is confounding, to say the least. Follow her on twitter for an occasional glimpse of insight amidst Jar Jar Binks appreciation posts and cat pictures, and search ChemicalWordsmith for her musical exploits.

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