Sometimes a single dream can change the world – particularly when that dream involves Waluigi.

The Indie Haven Podcast team discover Wally Gladstone, a character who isn’t Waluigi for legal reasons but will give his best approximation in order to recreate the open world Waluigi pirate game that exists only in the dream world. Will Nintendo seize on this interest and make it an official Waluigi game? Almost definitely not.

In amongst the Waluigi-based wonder, there’s also the matter of what Edmund McMillen means by “things”, why it’s taken so long to get a dad dating sim, and whether merely touching a nazi can make you thirsty for scorpions. Truly we have covered every subject you could ever possibly need to know about, so come on down and hear our thoughts on how Paul Blart fell over and it was hillarious. And don’t forget to learn some things about snakes along the way; it might just save your life!

Links of note:

Dream Daddy on steam:…ng_Simulator/

The End Is Nigh on steam:

The Sexy Brutale on steam:…Sexy_Brutale/

Long Live The Queen on steam:…ve_The_Queen/

Antihero on steam:

Sea of Greed starring Wally Gladstone:

Original Waluigi Sea of Greed cover concept:

Waluigi Pirate Image:…/877967964733132803

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