You can play Hello Wordd here.

One of the wonderful things about videogames is that they allow us to play as anything: Jelly, meat, shapes, humans (although only white, male ones, sorry the rest of the planet). So let me ask you, ever wanted to play… as a spellchecker? No? Well you can anyway in Hello Wordd.

Silliness aside, Hello Wordd is an interesting little title, deeply grounded in a love for language and how you can abuse it. The ‘story’ plonks you in the pedantic shoes of a test build of a spellchecker, submitted to the MechTurk SpelRite program. You are shown a series of misspelled words and must choose the actual spelling from a list of likely solutions. Every word you correct correctly earns you a small amount of BitBux. These allow you to shop for new outfits, songs and even fabulous holidays to far-flung destinations! The ultimate prize however is the ability to buy the SpelRite++ FeatPack, which provides you with context.

As you can probably tell, this game approaches itself with a real sense of fun. Although I’m not sure if there’s a particular message running the project – apart from ‘play with language’ – it’s really interesting to explore the various nooks and crannies secreted throughout a playthrough.

It’s hardly the longest game, you can run a sequence in all of five minutes, but it provides you with some good chuckles and some creative uses of a very simple UI. Each screen could be seen as a puzzle to be solved or a cipher to be decoded. There are also multiple endings to be found (so far I’ve only discovered five of a possible seven) so there’s still some play left in it for me.

Other than that I don’t really want to go much further into specifics. Exploration and discovery are key and if I tell you what I found, that would sort of ruin it.

Basically, Hello Wordd is a bit of an odd experience. It’s both a game and a list of recommended media; a linear set of tasks and a thought experiment. It’s playful in a way that games should be playful and, although your time with it might be short, the game makes you think about how language works and entertains you with both skillful design and silly jokes.

I really quite like it and would recommend you take a look.

Score: Misisipi/Hemorradge

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