Anybody who’s paid attention to the game scene as of late can easily tell you how popular The Witness has become. However, not everybody playing has paid for it: Johnathon Blow recently revealed that the game has become a popular target for pirates.

More specifically, it’s become the #1 most pirated game on an unnamed torrenting site. His decision not to name the site in question doesn’t mean the piracy has no impact. In fact, Blow has said that his company’s revenue would double if 10% of pirates bought the game.

As it stands, this makes developing future games difficult for Blow and his company. He has considered adding DRM to future games, although nothing is certain; he wants people to own his products freely.

Jonathan Blow says The Witness is very popular among pirates [Destructoid]

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  • Mr. Blow should just be happy people are interested in his product. I don’t play games almost period, because you cannot stream them, and you have gigabytes just sitting on your system these days. A lot of these pirates probably delete the game after about 10 minutes after satisfying their curiosity (which at this point the video game industry should just be grateful that anyone still has.)

    How many movies would you watch if you had to buy them all individually? For me that number would be almost 0. This industry needs to focus on how to stream games and make them available like home movies and television series if they want to be taken seriously.

    • VidYo

      Speak for yourself. There’s still a lot of people who buy games and movies. If I downloaded every movie or film I was interested in I’d likely never watch or play anything for more than 10 minutes.

      Curiosity is a bitch. Self-control is a pretty cool guy.

      • I think you misread me (also I did speak for myself 🙂

        The trouble is that you have to download the whole thing to know you are not “into” it, usually after less than 10 minutes. There may be better ways. Like Steam announced a “no questions” refund policy a while back.

        I don’t have a Steam account personally. Maybe the “pirates” do not want to install Steam. It’s an old saw, but everyone has their reasons. People who complain about this just look really bad, and so just shouldn’t.

        • VidYo

          Ah alright. Sorry about that.

          I know a few prevalent pirates and all of them are active Steam users. I’ve asked them before and they’ve told me that they download certain kinds of games that they aren’t sure whether they’ll like it or not. I assume a ton of people heard good reviews about The Witness and downloaded it to test it out. As you say, it probably took them 10 minutes to figure out they didn’t