UpdateThrees has been returned to the Google Play Store.

The hit puzzle game Threes has been removed from the Google Play Store because it used the search keyword “2048” — a rival game that some consider a clone of Threes — according to developer Asher Vollmer.

Vollmer has stated on Twitter that emails to Google have been sent to try and remedy this situation, though it’s disappointing that Threes has been removed while so many games that are clearly clones exist on the storefront, often with very similar names, including: Three and two games titled Number Three. Yes, two of them. Additionally, several games on the Google Play Store are titled 2048 (it’s difficult to even find the real one), which I would assume is worse than having it as a search keyword.

Hidden Variable Studios, the developers that ported the iOS game to Android, are currently reaching out to Google Play to start an appeal process.

Threes is still currently available on iOS, Xbox One and the Windows Phone — as well as on Android through Amazon’s storefront.

  • That is an interesting turn of events.