Energy Hook, a game being developed by someone who worked on Tony Hawk and Spider-Man 2, reached its peculiar Kickstarter goal of $1.

Jamie Fristrom, Energy Hook’s developer and Happionlabs founder, wrote on his Kickstarter description that the goal of $1 was to try and gauge interest for the game, which will affect the final result.

“And having a family to support,” Fristrom wrote. “It would be irresponsible of me to keep working on the game for too much longer or blow what’s left of our savings on it, which is why I’m trying to raise some money—to get an idea of how much people want this game, and find out how much more time and money I can responsibly spend.”

Fristrom said that Energy Hook will feature the swinging mechanics from Spider-Man 2, but with the style component of the Tony Hawk series.

Fristrom said he will finish the game no matter what, but the more money he gets from his campaign, the more polished he will make the game.

“So it’s up to you: whether I’m going to spend just a few months tying a bow on this and shipping it,” Fristrom wrote. “Or, in my dream world, spend many months, bring more people onto the team, and do something super-extra-awesome.”

The Kickstarter goal is well past its $1 goal and is currently at $11,392. Energy Hook will be developed for PC and Mac, but a Linux version will also be developed if the campaign hits a stretch goal of $20,000.

Check out Energy Hook’s Kickstarter page here.