[Full Disclosure: M. Joshua makes indie game trailers, but none of these are ones he worked on.]

Well, this is awkward. But you know, in a good way. All of these brilliant trailers take something extremely awkward and turn it into something alluring. Hold my tentacle, it’s gonna be a fun trip.

The Swindle – Launch:

This trailer shoves you into the tension and intensity of The Swindle with unrelenting fury. Player actions need more volume in the sound-mix and the on-screen mechanic explanations might be a little rudimentary, but the action sold me on the experience. If only the game wasn’t so gosh-darn hard I could maybe stay alive for more than a single run.

Superhot Beta Gameplay:

Awkward silence serves as pure drama in this trailer that forsakes music to stoke player actions to boiling intensity. The player’s improvisation and stop-and-go reactions highlight the feel of play. The creators know that music, narration, and exposition are unnecessary tools to invite viewers into the player’s mind when you have strong enough action to hook an audience.

Dropsy: A Point & Click Hugventure:

I’ve loved Dropsy long before he was born as a video game character since I’m Facebook pals with the creator, Jay Tholen. But I think you’ll agree that despite of my absolute bias for Dropsy and Jay, that the fist pump is the best fist pump in game trailer history. Also, hugging mechanics!


With little more than shapes, this trailer shows me how incredibly tense a game about rectangles can be. I’d expect nothing less from the creators of Nidhogg. I love how the sounds of the player’s failure punctuate the conclusion with digital distortion. Brilliant editing.

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity:

Octopuses make strange heroes for games about jumping, but in this squishy, flippy game of confusing gravity, you find a wealth of things to run on, jump over, and dodge. You’d be hard pressed to find something that looks quite as smooth as Airscape: The Fall of Gravity. The game comes out some time this month, and there’s a demo up for grabs!

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M. Joshua makes game trailers when not writing about games. He loves any game experience that engenders empathy to others, be it biographical, co-op, or games about valuing the well-being of your enemies. He loves getting humans together in his house for survival deathmatches.

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