Seems there’s a lot of good things going on at Otherside Entertainment this year. Not only have they announced they’re working on System Shock 3, but they’ve also released a prototype version of their new project Underworld Ascendant to some of their backers.

A sequel to the popular Ultima Underworld games that were prevalent in the 90’s, Underworld Ascendant follows ‘The Avatar’ a human that’s arrived in the realm of the Stygian Abyss through a mysterious Rune Gate. Players will get to explore ancient temples, subterranean caves and tombs, meet interesting characters, collect tons of loot and of course fight a variety of monsters and creatures.

Underworld Ascendant also features an interesting class creation system that allows players to mix and match skill sets. So you could create a stealth based mage, a fighter that uses magical summons or an unstoppable thief.


Combat is also in a first-person perspective and according to the developers timing and manoeuvring yourself into an advantageous position is everything. So players that wade into fights waving swords erratically will be diced into chunks in seconds.

Otherside Entertainment raised over $860k for this game back in February via crowdfunding and anyone that backed the game at the ‘Pioneer Level’ which is $20 or more will be able to pick up the prototype of the game through Backerkit.

However, there is a bit of a catch, the game is currently classed as an add-on so it’s not the full thing. Players only get access to some of the games core mechanics like basic controls, how the movement feels and in-game physics.

Plus anyone that backed the game will also be given a $5 coupon. This coupon can then be spent on any future pledges or extra additions to the game like badges, items or even a digital copy of the Underworld Ascendant novel.

According to Otherside Entertainment, they also plan on adding the games combat mechanics in early next year for anyone with access to the prototype.

With quite a lot of excitement surrounding the development of this game it might not be long until we see a possible resurgence in popularity of the Ultima series.


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