Viral Dusty Dead Personality Quiz is an oddity to say the least. It was quietly released on August 4th by Glitchhikers developer Silverstring Media. It’s Book of the Dead‘s first release, a digital triptych that hopes to explore our consumption of media and, perhaps more importantly, its consumption of us. As the game’s trailer asks, “Will you kneel at the altar of the microblog? Or become a supplicant to the book of faces?”

At first, you might make the mistake of seeing this as just another pointless quiz telling you which of your favorite fictional characters you are – you’ll quickly find yourself proven wrong. A lot of this has to do with the fact that Dusty Dead, the franchise Book of the Dead is based on, doesn’t exist outside of the game. Having a fictional franchise as the backdrop for the series makes a lot of sense as it gives Silverstring an enormous amount of legroom. Dusty Dead is designed to provoke introspection and make us feel like we’ve somehow missed out on something big. For example, in this installment you’re often asked questions involving characters, places, and events you have no knowledge of with no indication beyond the answers you’re given. Even these are often little help, and I often found myself picking responses out of fear of the rest. Why?01 (1)

Because I imagined the consequences of these answers and picked the one I liked best. This is probably Dusty Dead’s greatest strength – where typical identity quizzes lead takers in the obvious directions of characters they know and love, this one has no frame of reference. In turn, I saw more of myself in the results I got than I would have in any other personality test. This feels like the game’s very indirect way of saying that’s all we get from personality tests – reflections of ourselves.

Players run through its gamut of sixteen questions as the game bugs and glitches out (like the fragile structures that promote our contemporary lifestyle.) At first, it’s unnoticeable, but by the end most of the screen has been taken over by creepy visual artifacts and the theme song is barely recognizable.

Once you’ve made it through all of the game’s questions, you’re introduced to yourself and will probably be surprised by what you see. Regardless of your result, your character is a skeleton – very dead, and decidedly dusty, as if left to rot for centuries or more. Character descriptions are rather vague and leave a lot to the imagination, which gives you space to imprint even more of yourself onto the character. There’s a lot of variety to be found here, and the sheer amount of different results had me playing this ten to twenty minute game for hours.

06 (1)

Upon completion, Viral Dusty Dead Personality Quiz automatically makes a screenshot of your results to share. The share feature is nice, I guess, but also another obvious jab at how meaningless this stuff is. Hopefully these results will somehow carry on into the next installment, Ruinbook, which is set to release before year’s end. This series is looking to be one that changes our understanding of ourselves in a big, bad way. I’m very interested to see what come out of this, although I hope the next two installments in the series are longer. It’s true that some may not consider it a game, myself sort of included in that camp, but it’s very much worth a look if for no other reason than its short length and pay-what-you-want mode of sale with no minimum.


Check out the game’s trailer and download it here:
So, dear readers: which Dusty Dead character are you?

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