It’s movie night in this week’s Humble Bundle offering, with Devolver Digital presenting a selection of indie documentaries and games for us all to throw our money at.

All the films in this bundle are available as MP4 downloads and can be streamed through VHX, a direct-to-fan distribution platform built for premium video that empowers artists to sell their work from their own websites.

Each of the items in this humble bundle fall under one of three contribution tiers; pay what you want, pay $6 or more to unlock and pay over $15 or more to unlock.

Contributors can decide how they want to split their donation, choosing a balance between charity, the creators of the content on offer or the Humble Bundle organisers themselves.

This week’s two great causes are the American Red Cross and Special Effect, a UK-based charity which seeks to make gaming as accessible as possible to the physically disadvantaged.

Topping the list of this week’s offering and the sole occupant of the pay $15 or more contributor tier, is none other than the Serious Sam Complete Pack.

Serious Sam The Complete Pack by Croteam – (Steam – Windows PC Only)

Leave your brain at the door and get ready to give your trigger finger an extreme workout, as Serious Sam Complete Pack includes no less than every Serious Sam game in existence.

That’s a serious amount of monster-blasting RSI.

In Serious Sam, there are no long drawn out cutscenes, no po-faced soldiers spouting out phonetic nonsense and no linear level design. Instead, players will find themselves whisked back to a simpler time, where you needed to collect keys to open doors, weapons came in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the enemies were only limited by the imagination of the developers.

Colourful, brash and never less than relentlessly challenging, Serious Sam The Complete Pack is an easy recommendation to make for shooter aficionados everywhere.

Serious Sam The Complete Pack is just one aspect of this week’s Humble Bundle offering; check out what others titles are available at the respective contribution tiers below.

Pay what you want for these movies and games

Omega Jam by Devolver Digital (Download as MP4 or stream on VHX)

Telling the story of Alex, an indie developer from an overachieving family, Omega Jam chronicles the young man’s pursuit of his dream to be a successful part of the industry that has been so instrumental in his upbringing.

With no real financial support and unsure of who’s couch he’ll call his bed next, Omega Jam delves deep into the relationship of Alex with his talented colleagues as they share their hopes, dreams and fears regarding indie game development.

The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence by Five & Four Productions (Download as MP4 or stream on VHX)

Bullying and its lingering effects are the topic here, as The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence centers around Holly, an unassuming and introverted girl who confronts her childhood antagonist when she reaches adulthood.

A darkly comic effort with a savage edge, the film explores what happens when revenge is finally carried out and, when violence is used as a frequent means to an end, the slippery slope that soon follows.

Cryptic Sea EP by Cryptic Sea (DRM Free only for Windows PC, Mac and Linux)

A trio of games inspired by the console and arcade games of the 80s, Cryptic Sea EP contains three very different games, Volta, Touring Car Legend and Skate or Don’t!

A simple physics-based puzzler, Volta has colour based match-three gameplay where if the colours don’t match, the player can smash them together until they do.

Touring Car Legend meanwhile, is an overhead-view racer where players powerslide, drift and scream around the game’s tight corners and vicious hairpin bends.

Finally, Skate or Don’t! is a downhill skateboarding game in which up to eight players are able to take part. With simple controls that while accessible, are difficult to master, there’s plenty of knee-grazing fun to be had in Skate or Don’t!

Please note, this game is DRM free and as such, is not available on Steam.

A Virus Named TOM by Misfits Attic(DRM Free/Steam for Windows PC, Mac and Linux)

A fiendish puzzler which casts players as TOM, a rogue virus engineered by a mad scientist, A Virus Named TOM is a brain-teaser in the trust sense of the word.

With co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes in addition to well over progressively difficult 100 levels, A Virus Named TOM seems like a good way to keep the old grey matter ticking over.

Men with Beards by Devolver Digital (Download as MP4 or stream through VHX)

A feature documentary that tells an odd tale of brotherhood and personal grooming, Men With Beards takes viewers into the odd world of men trying to cultivate a world-class beard.

A real offbeat look at such a prominent element of male subculture, Men with Beards imparts stories and traditions resulting in an unexpectedly touching character-driven piece on identity and self-expression.

Ectasy of Order: The Tetris Masters by Reclusion Films (Download as MP4 or stream through VHX)

One of the most widely recognised games of all time, Tetris has spawned players of all competencies; from casual rookies to masters who have invested many thousands of hours into rotating those iconic shapes to make them fit.

Shining the light on the Kasparovs of the Tetris world, Ecstasy of Order follows a group of record-holding Tetris masters as they prepare for the 2010 Classic Tetris World Championship.

A well-directed and researched film on what it takes to play games at such a high-level, Ecstasy of Order pulls back the curtains on these masters as they impart the secrets of their success and recall their decades-long obsession with the game.

Cinema Six by Luminis Picturae (Download as MP4 or stream through VHX)

Meet Mason, Dennis and Gabe, three chaps who have worked at Stanton Family Cinema complex for far longer than they want to remember. As a result, the trio is reluctant to leave; the notion of a comfortable job spent all day heckling customers and messing with fellow employees proving to be an irresistible prospect.

Similar in tone to Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Cinema Six shows us the time-killing mischief that the unambitious group get up to as they use the cinema as an escape from the trials and tribulations of regular life.

Yet, Cinema Six is keen to remind the audience about that very life which exists outside of the cinema, since Mason has a wife and child at home that he neglects too much, Gabe is considering college, but is scared of failure, and Dennis just dropped out of college after his fiancé cheated on him.

A tale of disconnectedness, mischief and confronting reality, Cinema Six looks like to be worth the price of admission.

Pay $6 or more to unlock these movies and games

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang Deluxe Edition by 2 Player Productions (Download as MP4 or stream through VHX)


Deftly charting the genesis of arguably the biggest indie success story of all time, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang follows Notch’s journey from bedroom to billions, beginning in 2009 with the alpha release of Minecraft.

A feature-length documentary, Minecraft: The Story of Mojang contains insights from industry legends (Peter Molyneux, Tim Schafer), journalists (Geoff Keighley, Stephen Totilo), and player communities which have sprung up in the game’s wake (Yogscast, The Shaft, Minecraft Teacher).

This Deluxe Edition of the documentary includes a family-friendly version, commentary track, Kickstarter proof of concept short, three part Making of Scrolls mini-doc, visit with 4J Studios, extended Notch interview and deleted scenes.

Serious Sam 3: BFE by Croteam  (Steam – Windows PC only)

The most recent iteration of the Serious Sam FPS series, Serious Sam 3: BFE continues developer Croteam’s grand tradition of marrying twitch-based shooting with an increasingly ridiculous number of enemies and weapons.

With no cover to hide behind, no cut-scenes and no regenerating health, Serious Sam 3: BFE is as pure a shooter as you’re ever likely to find.