It’s October, which means it’s time for literally every video game ever to come out. And that goes for indie games too! From fancy space shooters where you blast the clothes off of giant anime girls, to literally any other game, it’s time for the first weekly releases round-up of October 2017!

02/10/2017 – Space Girls


No. Just… No. Stop this. Stop this please.

03/10/2017 – AstroShift

AstroShift is a 2D free-roam space shooter that has a rather interesting twist. When your ship gets destroyed, the resulting explosion thrusts you out into space, and you need to steer your tiny, fleshy body into another nearby craft to take control. Which sounds, and from the trailer looks, absolutely brilliant.

03/10/2017 – HEADLINER

In a world filled with media bias and the fake news controversy of the last half-decade, HEADLINER feels like a particularly relevant game. You assume the role of the Headliner, who curates and dictates the headlines and the perspectives of reporting on current affairs. Through your decisions you see the world of this 45-minute game change drastically. It’s also got colourblind-friendly design considerations, which is always a nice inclusion.

04/10/2017 – JYDGE

There have been a few Judge Dredd games in the past, none of which have received critical success. But Jydge, which isn’t explicitly a Dredd game, might come close to a fun experience. It’s a top-down twin-stick wherein you build your own cybernetic Jydge and their arsenal with various modifications and abilities, and go to town on crime!

06/10/2017 – The Red Front

Last week, I received an email from a Comrade Tim, telling me about their upcoming tank shooter game The Red Front. You pilot a soviet tank in World War II, slowly upgrading your weaponry to an absurd, science-fiction degree with which you absolutely obliterate Nazis left, right, and centre. I have a review copy and it’s very fun in short bursts, so this is one I can recommend upon its release.

There you have it, a rather nice handful of the ocean of games releasing this week, within this month of industry decadence. Let us know if you try any of them out when they’re available, and what you think of ’em!

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