Video games!  They’re pretty great, especially the ones that are indie, we love them that little bit more here at Indie Haven. Let’s take a look at what ones are coming out this week!

04/09/2017 – Reaching for Petals

Story-rich interactive experiences are always a hoot, and Reaching for Petals looks like it’s going to be a rather gorgeous one. The landscapes are stunning, and there’s a mystery to be unfolded as you climb to the peak of the ever-reaching mountain. It’s releasing today, and is being developed by Blue Entropy Studios, who up until this point have been working on virtual reality escape-the-room games, so it should be interesting to see how Reaching for Petals fares.

06/09/2017 – TOREj

On Wednesday we’ll be getting TOREj, a relaxing puzzle game that looks like what would happen if Tetris and Jenga had a baby that taught yoga classes. Accompanied by a serene, uplifting soundtrack, you have to construct a tower without it collapsing and tumbling off of the platform.

07/09/2017 – The Witch’s Isle

Aesthetically, The Witch’s Isle looks gorgeous. It’s a 2.5D parallax adventure game being ported from iOS onto Steam that takes place on a small, solitary island, where a villager is visited by a witch who curses her. She must find her stolen urn before she is killed, and on her journey she learns more about the witch’s secrets. The town looks to be quite dreamlike, and there’ll be puzzles galore. And there are even seven different endings! I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

08/09/2017 – Super Mr. Kake

I’m quite a fan of the cartoon Ren and Stimpy, if not for its humour, then for its zany art style. And that’s part of why Super Mr. Kake caught my eye so much. It wears its aesthetic inspiration on its sleeve, and looks to be quite the humourous cartoon action game. about a retired superhero who takes a break from his new career of making wedding cakes to don the cape once more and track down the thief who stole the most delicious cake that he’s ever made.

08/09/2017 – Startide

Startide is a bullet-hell, arcade-shooter, mecha-piloting action fest, by the looks of it. It’s got a story mode which is pretty uncommon in its genre, and you can customize the skill combos of nine mechas that you can choose from. And there’s even an editor that lets you create enemy ship bosses to test your skills against. That soundtrack is dramatic and badass, too.

There you have it, a handful of indie games coming out this week! Any of ’em take your fancy in particular? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @Indie_Haven!