It’s been announced by Team17 that turn-based strategy game Worms W.M.D will be getting a Nintendo Switch release later this year.

The game is already available on other platforms, but the Switch release will come with it a handful of timed exclusive features, including a new space theme, mushroom and tree forts for the Forts mode, and three new outfits and gravestones to customize your worm army with.

The Switch release will also support local, local wireless, and online multiplayer functionality. And interestingly enough, the game will be playable with one joycon, even in single-player. This is pretty great for accessibility, as those who might not be able to use two hands to use the Switch will be able to enjoy Worms W.M.D without the need for expensive additional peripherals.

It’s likely made convenient by Worms being somewhat of a simplistic game to control, but it’s a step in the right direction when it comes to allowing more people to enjoy video games.

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