Kickstarter has formally refused to acknowledge the existance of Kickstarter United after having fired the union’s organisers – and the independent creators using Kickstarter for funding are suffering for it. The fans who want to support these projects but don’t want to support Kickstarter itself find themselves in an uncomfortable position.

This situation is bad enough on its own, but it also shines a light on a wider problem: ‘Independent’ games are, in actuality, thoroughly dependent on the infrastructure built by the corporate giants who had the money to afford it – and thus independent creators find themselves at the mercy of every vile corporate whim their ‘gracious’ benefactors are prone to.

Many of us want to believe that the Indie scene of anything that we enjoy will be free from the capitalistic horrors inflicted upon the mainstream…but there’s quite simply no escaping so powerful an influence, and the issues that plague the world outside our gates will never merely be ‘someone else’s problem.’

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