Good news for Xbox One owners, the first person adventure game Firewatch could be coming to the Xbox One.

The games developers, Camp Santo, have said that although they currently don’t have anything in the works in regards to ports, they would love to bring Firewatch to as many players as possible. In regards to an Xbox One release he said: “We’ll see how the game does at launch. If there’s a desire for it on other platforms, then we’ll explore that.”

So as long as there’s enough demand for a port to the Xbox One then there’s a chance Firewatch could make an appearance on the Xbox One further down the line after the games initial launch.

However, in terms of there being a future sequel to Firewatch Vanaman said that players shouldn’t hold their breath. According to Vanaman he’s already ready to start on making another game, but it won’t be a sequel to Firewatch: “The story is done. But I’m very excited to see what we come up with next.”

Firewatch will be coming out on PC and PS4 on February 9th and if it performs well we could see it launching on Xbox One in the future.


Firewatch Could Come to Xbox One, But A Sequel Unlikely: [VG24/7]

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