Yandere Simulator YandereDev revealed on Twitter that Twitch has added his project to their list of banned games. Anybody who streams these games (which include Sakura Spirit, Cobra Club, and BMX XXX) risks being banned from Twitch.

For those unaware, Yandere Simulator is an upcoming stealth game in which the heroine assassinates potential romantic rivals standing between her and her love. Looking at the list, you’d think the game was banned for sexual content, seeing how the game allows you to do things like take upskirt photos of other female characters.

However, Twitch hasn’t offered any reason for why Yandere Simulator made it onto the list. They haven’t released an official statement, and as Patrick Klepek details over at Kotaku, they didn’t even tell the developer why his game was banned. Not that knowing the reason would make getting the game unbanned easier; Twitch has yet to reopen a game for streaming once it’s been added to the banned games list.

In a video game environment that’s becoming increasingly reliant on streaming and video personalities to give games exposure, being banned from a major service like Twitch effectively denies developers an important way to get their name out there.

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  • It’s banned because of sensitivity to school shootings etc. I don’t think everyone writing here are still English. If you are in the U.S. this is pretty damn obvious looking at the screenshots. Plus it reads like school murder spree simulator.